Group IQ, a Native Hawaiian-owned company, envisions solutions and teams with leading institutions and companies to invent and manufacture products to repair and preserve asphalt and concrete for the Department of Defense in remote and austere locations. 


Hawaii Company’s Airfield Repair Kit Selected for January 2024 USAF AFWERX Expedient Basing Showcase

To be held at UNLV Black Fire Innovation Center – Restricted event and by USAF invitation only

ARK APR-Lite® Rapid Airfield Damage Repair (RADR) Solution (aka ARK) is designed to expedite the establishment of bases in remote and austere areas. The magic of ARK is its simplicity and significant savings of time and money, which drew the attention of the USMC and USAF.

Being selected as a USAF AFWERX 2024 Expedient Basing Showcase vendor is a rare honor that leading institutions and companies cherish. The process included hundreds of applicants, months of qualifying, and the final section of about 25 solutions for Focus Areas 4 & 5.

In short, ARK is a super glue for surface repair and is an expeditionary, rapid asphalt and concrete restoration product. Designed with the USAF Agile Combat Employment (ACE) Concept in mind long before the term was even coined, the requirement for ARK originated in 2016 through a casual conversation with then-Admiral Harris, Commander of PACOM.

Admiral Harris wanted a cost-effective road, runway, and soil stabilization product that leveraged indigenous locally available materials, was quickly transported by air, was simple to use, compatible with traditional airfield repair products, was environmentally friendly, and a product that could deliver superior outcomes than traditional repair products.

Group IQ President and CEO Dan Akiu stated, we took that challenge, and through our partnership with major universities and United States Marine Corp, ARK was developed, processes for employment were honed, and has been in use with the Marine Corps for over seven years (5 field testing and 2 operational).

As pointed out by leading airfield experts, traditional surface repair products have changed very little over the past 60 years. They are expensive, not environmentally friendly, require an extensive logistical network to transport, have a short shelf-life, and require saw cutting, hammering, and heavy rolling in the repair process. The ACE Concept enables dispersed operations, allowing aircraft to operate from various locations and reducing the risk of having all air assets concentrated in a single location. Concept demands products as AGILE, like ARK, as the concept itself.



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