K&K refinishers has had many years of training and experience with some of the pioneer bathroom and kitchen refinishing companies on O’ahu. We wanted to start a company on Kaua’i that would truly benefit the community and the people that live in it. Our pride and dedication to the people of Kaua’i is what inspires us everyday to continue to be the best refinishing company Kaua’i has to offer.

Kauai’s Leading Bathtub Refinishing company. Locally owned and operated!


What is Refinishing?

“Refinishing” or sometimes called Resurfacing” is the process of coating your existing bathroom or kitchen surfaces, i.e. bathtubs, sinks, fiberglass showers, countertops, tile walls and floors, in a high grade epoxypolyurethane coating. This process extends the life of your surfaces for up to 10 years and creates an updated modern look in any outdated bathroom or kitchen.

“Why replace when you can Refinish?”

Refinishing is a process that can be done in the home in just a day or two. In most cases the bathtub, shower or countertop is back to use in 24 hours or less! Most bathroom or kitchen remodel’s can take weeks to complete and often create a noisy, messy and uncomfortable environment in the home. Our technicians are trained to leave the work area as clean or cleaner than how we found it. We use noise reduction compressors to apply the finish ensuring that we disrupt your home as little as possible.

Refinishing can save you thousands $$

Typical Bathroom & kitchen remodels can cost thousands of dollars. When you choose to Refinish instead of replace you could save up to 75%!

Average cost to REPLACE bathtub = 1800$-2400$

Average cost to REFINISH bathtub = 500$-700$

Reduce your carbon footprint

REMODELING your bathroom or kitchen surfaces could create dumpsters full of garbage that will inevitably end up in our already strained Kaua’i Landfills. REFINISHING your bathroom or kitchen surfaces creates 1-2 kitchen sized trash bags of garbage.

Before and After




Support a locally owned and operated business.

Owned and operated by Kainoa Kana’iaupuni and Ohana, K&K Refinishers is a small family owned and operated business with my boy, myself, and a couple family members. We are proud to serve our community offering a more affordable way to improve your Bathroom and Kitchen spaces.


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Find products or services, created or offered by a certified Native Hawaiian business.



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